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ChatGPT and the music box

Photo-blog-ChatGPT and the music box

Wednesday 5 january 2022

There are always a lot of comments about these new artificial intelligence programs.
In others, some say that this machine is really not intelligent, that it does not understand anything and so on.
It is to forget what a machine is. Of course she's not smart!
The best comparison I've found to understand what it's all about is the music box.
The first music boxes were acclaimed, it was great to be able to listen to music without a musician.

There are small, rudimentary music boxes that still delight children and there are large music boxes that impress adults like automatic pianos.

Is the music box a musician? No.
Does the music box understand what it is playing? No.
It is a machine with teeth that operate levers. Nothing to do with Chopin or Mozart.
Since then, the range has expanded and I can play music on my phone, which also does not know what music is.
But if we take the machine for what it is and for the services it can provide us, it will be very useful, among other things for Belgian e-shops!


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