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How gift vouchers work on the Belgian e-shop website.

Photo-blog-How gift vouchers work on the Belgian e-shop website.

Wednesday 17 may 2023

A neutral gift certificate:

Any visitor can purchase a gift certificate. This check is neutral, that is to say it is not linked to a particular e-shop.


The gift certificate is either in electronic format or in paper format with an additional charge for postage and processing costs. It contains a unique number which is used to exchange with purchase codes. The check includes a space for the recipient's name, a message and the donor's name.

Exchange :

The person who received the gift voucher can then associate it with one or more e-shops by going to the site “belgische-eshops-belges.be”. Thus the gift voucher will be exchanged for a purchase code, which is linked to a particular e-shop. This code will then be used to pay for a purchase on the e-shop website.

Value :

Gift vouchers can have a value of €20, €25, €50 or €100. They have a validity period of one year.

Which e-shops:

The gift voucher must be redeemed at an e-shop which participates in the gift voucher program and which has therefore registered purchase codes on the site.

For e-shops:

You record and manage the unique purchase codes for your e-shop that visitors will receive in exchange for their gift certificate. Purchase codes must be able to be used in conjunction with other offers and promotions (since it is a means of payment and not a discount voucher). You are notified when your supply of purchase codes runs out. You then receive payment for the purchase code that was spent on your site, this payment comes from “Belgian e-shops”. We do not receive any commission for this service, the e-shop receives the amount of the check as we received it, that is to say minus the transaction fees retained by Stripe.


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