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Have a little drink, we're thirsty!

Photo-blog-Have a little drink, we're thirsty!

Thursday 4 april 2024

Welcome to the world of Belgian beers, a universe where tradition, artisanal know-how and diversity of flavors meet to create unique taste experiences. Renowned throughout the world for their excellence and richness, Belgian beers embody the country's ancestral brewing heritage. Discover among Belgian e-shops the intoxicating charm of these iconic beverages, undisputed symbols of the Belgian art of living.

Here are already ten beer e-shops that you will love among the dozens registered on the Belgian E-shops platform.


1. Beer Crush

At Beer Crush, discover a wide selection of Belgian craft beers. We highlight breweries and regions through our dedicated beer boxes. Our passionate team stays on the lookout for the latest news, particularly from the La Source and l'Ermitage breweries which launch new products every week. To avoid any untimely thirst, we offer a fully customizable monthly subscription. You can choose the quantity of beer, the frequency of delivery, as well as your favorite styles or those you prefer to avoid.

Beer Crush

2. Belgium Peak Beer

Nestled in the charming village of Sourbrodt, overlooking the majestic Belgian heights, the PEAK artisanal brewery has been brewing its beers with passion since 2017, using pure water from the Hautes Fagnes. Our establishment also houses a restaurant where you can enjoy our craft beers, perfectly matched to the chef's delicious dishes. Our range includes 6 main beers: Blonde, Brune, Triple, Blueberry, Summer and Winter, available in 33 and 75cl formats. Additionally, we offer special Barrel Aged, barrel-aged editions such as Winter Rhum 2019, Triple Rhum 2020 and Triple Calvados 2020. In addition to our delicious beers, we also offer a selection of accessories, including caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks and water bottles, to complete your PEAK experience.

Belgium peak beer

3. Caulier

Founded in 1848, the Caulier brand is anchored in the history of Belgian beer and remains deeply engraved in the memory of beer lovers. 7 out of 10 Belgian drinkers recognize the name Caulier. Today, Caulier beers stand out as the only naturally sugar-free beers on the market. Renowned as being among the best Belgian light beers, Caulier beers have won several prestigious competitions. Caulier, the only beer naturally without sugar, without artificial sweeteners, without preservatives or additives.


4. Babine

At each box, a unique experience awaits you! Babine immerses you in the world of beer with a careful selection of 6 Belgian craft beers, carefully chosen to offer you an unforgettable tasting. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the different creations of our talented local artisans and discover their unique worlds!


5. Beergium

Welcome to Beergium, your essential stopover to discover brewing flavors from the four corners of the world! Immerse yourself in a world where each beer tells a unique story. We are passionate about the art of brewing and have traveled the planet to present you with an exceptional collection of foreign craft beers.Explore iconic breweries, traditional recipes and daring creations that push the boundaries of taste. From intense IPAs to velvety stouts, including exotic creations, our selection is an invitation to a unique sensory adventure.


6. Beer Lovers

Discover our Specialty Beer subscriptions for a personalized selection according to your preferences or let yourself be surprised by our experts. Our gift boxes offer varied choices for all tastes and budgets. Explore our vast selection of breweries, including iconic names and unusual discoveries, with more than 800 beers to discover on biere-speciale.be, your destination for the best special beers in Belgium.

Beer Lovers

7. Trappist Westvleteren

The Abbey of Saint-Sixte has launched a pilot project for home delivery of their beer, reserved for customers registered in Belgium. Orders are limited and available on a specific schedule. Trappist Westvleteren beer is sold exclusively online, with restricted opening hours. 'The reason we only want to sell to individual customers is that we want to give everyone as much as possible an equal chance to buy our beers at a fair price.'

Trappist Westvleteren

8. Brasserie Lefebvre

Brasserie Lefebvre has just launched its webshop, offering a complete range of beers ranging from the latest innovations to great classics full of flavor and personality. As guardians of brewing tradition and independence for 6 generations, we deliver throughout Belgium to make each tasting a celebration. Our commitment to product quality and the well-being of our employees and consumers is at the heart of our family business, focused on diversity and responsible consumption patterns.

Brasserie Lefebvre

9. Maredsous Abbey

Maredsous Abbey offers a peaceful and spiritual setting, perpetuating the hospitality of Benedictine monks in an exceptional natural environment. The Saint-Joseph Welcome Center offers a cafeteria, a bookstore, a souvenir shop and a play area for the whole family, showcasing the Abbey's gastronomic products such as Maredsous beers and cheeses.

Maredsous Abbey

10. Simbabel

Simba and Tembo beers symbolize the link between Congo and Belgium. Originally Belgian in Congo in 1925, they are now brewed in Belgium, offering a nod to their shared history. With their refreshing taste, they are now available in Belgium to the delight of beer lovers.


Happy tasting!



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