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A floral world

Photo-blog-A floral world

Sunday 7 april 2024

Immerse yourself in a floral world with a thousand scents, with a pretty selection of flowers, to be found on Belgian e-shops! Modern colors, trendy bouquets, and a touch of Belgian freshness await you. Opt for quality work and attentive service, thanks to passionate artisans and florists in your region. Because every occasion deserves its 'flower power' touch, order today and support the merchants near you!

Here are already ten flowers e-shops that you will love among the dozens registered on the Belgian E-shops platform.


1. Constantin Huart

Passionate about flowers since his childhood, Constantin Huart has always followed this path. His talent has led him to organize numerous prestigious events. Based in Waterloo, his boutique offers unique floral creations and spectacular window displays. Its e-shop offers a selection of bouquets, flower boxes, orchids and cacti, as well as decorative objects such as Baobab candles and pieces from well-known brands.

Constantin Huart

2. Pollen workshop

Pollen Atelier is a company specializing in floral arranging that launched in 2018 with a particular focus on dried flowers. Like many companies, it had to adapt and reinvent itself during the Covid period. In its early days, the company focused on decorating various events. Today, it wants to conquer new market shares by offering bouquets of dried flowers from short circuits (France, Spain, Holland and Belgium). The bouquets are available in their Pop-up store as well as on their website, delivery throughout Belgium.

Pollen workshop

3. Caroline Sheid

I am Caroline Sheid, graphic designer and infographic designer. I have been inspired by coffee capsules to create ecological artistic works since 2012. I transform these capsules into paintings, flowers and necklaces, thus raising awareness about overconsumption. My creations are available on an e-shop and my workshops, the 'Ateliers de KRo+', are located near Gembloux. For any questions, contact me at atelierkro@gmail.com. Let's think about reducing our waste and opt for environmentally friendly gifts!

Caroline Sheid

4. Carlitou Déco

Discover a local selection of ethical and sustainable creations. Enjoy handmade, toxic-free candles, as well as wreaths and bouquets of dried flowers. Dive into my creative world now!

Carlitou Déco

5. Boeket de fleurs

Hello, I'm Ness, a florist for over 20 years and now an eco-florist. But what is an eco-florist? She is someone who questions the floral industry and seeks to minimize its impact on the environment. I choose exclusively Belgian flowers and I opt for ecological or sustainable crops. In addition, I work with dried flowers from my own unsold stock to avoid chemicals. I also avoid wrapping my bouquets as much as possible, but I always have recycled paper available if necessary.

Flower box

6. Fleur papier ciseaux

Since 2018, Fleur Papier Ciseaux has been revisiting paper flowers from the Belgian seaside to create exclusive creations for decoration and events. Specializing in this art, she offers timeless paper flowers, personalized with sumptuous textures and colors, made from noble materials and sculpted by hand. In response to environmental concerns, Fleur Papier Ciseaux innovates by offering flower rental, a unique eco-friendly alternative in Belgium. The designer is available to discuss your projects in her workshop in Namur. Flower Paper Scissors, for a lasting floral creation.

Flower paper scissors

7. Fleur d'Ô

After 20 years, my passion for flowers is still as strong, if not more passionate. I feel immense emotion every time I work with them. Now, I am based in a workshop, which led me to create a webshop where you can find bouquets of fresh flowers, dried flowers and pretty decorations, all made with my own hands and a lot of love. Whether you prefer romantic or wild flowers, you will find what you are looking for. My webshop offers delivery of human-sized flowers; I personally take care of each order. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, a simple phone call is all it takes. See you there.

Fleur d

8. La Grange aux fleurs

Need flowers for a special occasion or simply to please yourself? La Grange aux Fleurs is here for you! We offer you a wide range of bouquets, from classic arrangements to modern and elegant designs, as well as romantic and colorful arrangements, customizable according to your preferences and the occasion.

The Flower Barn

9. Courant Vert Fleurs

Courant Vert specializes in creating floral pieces using dried flowers. In her workshop, Magali crafts lasting arrangements such as wreaths, bouquets, globes and garlands, offering a bohemian, wild and timeless aesthetic. A range dedicated to weddings offers bridal bouquets, buttonholes, head wreaths, combs and barrettes. Each piece is handcrafted with meticulous care. Some of the flowers used come from our own cultivation.

Current Green Flowers

10. Les Généreuses

The aim of our project, The Generous, is to provide the most beautiful local and seasonal flowers, grown near the Vogelenzang nature reserve in Anderlecht. It is an invitation to reconnect with the natural rhythm of the seasons. With love, we make bouquets and crowns of dried flowers, and we offer a personalized floral decoration service for your events.

The Generous

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