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Rekindle the flame

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Saturday 13 april 2024

Discover the warm atmosphere of candles, whether scented, artisanal or Belgian. They help brighten up your interior and soothe your mind. Many Belgian e-shops offer a nice selection of candles made with passion by artisans, using natural ingredients and traditional techniques. Each candle is a work of art, imbued with know-how and authenticity, offering an incomparable olfactory and visual experience. Let yourself be seduced by the magic of warm glows and brighten your daily life with pretty handmade candles.

Here are already ten candles e-shops that you will love among the dozens registered on the Belgian E-shops platform.


1. Langkâ

Valérie, creator of Langkâ, and her son Tom are passionate about nature and launched their brand of candles inspired by it. The name 'Langkâ' reflects their love for Sri Lanka. Their candles, made near Neufchâteau in Belgium, are vegan, handmade with natural vegetable waxes and fragrances without harmful substances. All their candles are also refillable, combining aesthetics and respect for the environment.


2. Soy&scents

Soy & Scents is a new brand of artisanal candles that offers quality candles, hand-poured with pure vegetable wax, without additives. Choose from a selection of fragrances carefully crafted to soothe your senses. The candles come in recyclable amber glass containers, available in different formats to suit every space. Discover two limited edition collections per year and opt for personalized candles or gift boxes.


3. Poussières d'Étoiles

Discover 'Poussières d'étoiles', a collection of artisanal candles made with passion in my workshop in Visé, Belgium. Whether you prefer scented candles to create a soothing atmosphere or decorative candles to add a warm touch to your interior, you will find what you are looking for among our different worlds. Let yourself be enchanted by the subtle fragrances of vanilla, lavender or orange blossom, and let your senses awaken to the pleasure of relaxation.


4. Nuansé

NuanSé makes artisanal candles by hand in the province of Liège. Each candle is made in our workshop with 100% vegetable waxes. Our passion for candles, perfumes and quality is at the heart of our story. The fragrances, carefully selected in Grasse, offer a unique olfactory experience throughout the life of the candle. Our goal is to share this passion for candles and transport you to a different olfactory universe.


5. Yoku

In April 2019, Céline launched the YOKU brand, inspired by her passion for natural products and her simple lifestyle. Handmade in Walloon Brabant, YOKU candles embody the values of Céline and her family. They are made from 100% natural, vegetable and biodegradable soy wax, thus preserving your interior. This wax, which is vegan and not tested on animals, does not release any toxic substances unlike the paraffin used in industrial candles. In addition, the fragrances used are guaranteed without phthalates or CMR substances, thus ensuring the naturalness of YOKU candles.


6. Select Candle

SELECT candles are artisanal creations made in the Liège region, using vegetable wax and fragrances free of CMR and phthalates. They are offered in customizable gift boxes and can be delivered to your home, to a relay point, or collected free of charge from the workshop.

Candle Select

7. Select & Me

Welcome to Select & Me, your destination for creating a unique atmosphere! Our e-shop offers a selection of candles, fragrances and decorative accessories, mainly designed from natural materials by artisans. Always on the lookout for new finds, we offer you a wide choice to beautify your living space. Explore our range of candles and diffusers with captivating scents, from various backgrounds. At Select & Me, we are here to listen to you and ready to advise you.

Select  Me

8. By VM's Bougies et Senteurs

Based on a family vision and a life project initiated by studies, our candles are the result of artisanal work with natural European wax, without GMOs and pesticides, respectful of the environment and biodegradable. Their perfumes, developed by a master perfumer in Grasse, are free of CMR and phthalates, thus guaranteeing your health and that of the planet. Our two collections, 'Apotheca' and 'Metallicum', offer elegant options suitable for all interiors, with aluminum containers. Also discover our diffusers, melts and boxes on our site.

By VMs Candles and Scents

9. Lili Moonshine

Lili Moonshine has crafted an exceptional collection of luxury wax melts and scented candles with great care and devotion. We favor the use of natural vegetable wax, ensuring that each product is vegan and animal-friendly. All of our exquisite fondants and candles are handcrafted and intended to help you relax and unwind.

Lili Moonshine

10. Terrae concept

Terrae offers quality artisanal candles, for indoors and outdoors, refillable and eco-responsible. Each product is carefully designed and manufactured in collaboration with a suitable work company. Our concrete containers are filled with vegetable wax and non-toxic fragrances. Endlessly reusable thanks to our wax refills, they are also superb decorative elements for your quality moments.

Terrae concept

Have a great time Coconing!



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