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Make a good impression !

Photo-blog-Make a good impression !

Monday 15 april 2024

Immerse yourself in a world of colors and creativity thanks to Belgian e-shops. Printing, personalization, graphics, to add a unique touch to your style, your gifts or your interior. To give personalized gifts, you will also find everything you need. Explore this selection and let your imagination run wild. Find all these ideas from Belgian e-retailers, sometimes so close to you!

Here are already 12 personalization e-shops that you will love among the dozens registered on the platform of Belgian E-shops.


1. Customefy

Customefy offers a range of customizable bags for all occasions: travel, sport, weekend, etc. Our customers love the practicality and quality of our products. Choose your template, customize it, and we'll take care of the rest! Customefy is a caring and dedicated team, guaranteeing happy and satisfied customers!


2. Yseult D.

For Yseult, a photograph finds its full fulfillment in its printing. The careful choice of support is crucial in his artistic approach. She favors silk satin from the Como region of Italy for her works, printed in high definition with eco-responsible inks in a workshop in Spain. This innovative concept gives birth to wearable art. His creations are exhibited at the Loft Matyse gallery near Sablon, by appointment.

Yseult D

3. The Clear Room

Since 2019, La Chambre Claire has offered a personalized FineArt photographic printing and editing service. We offer a wide range of Hahnemühle and TECCO papers, as well as framing and protection options for your prints. All our work is carried out in-house in our workshop.

The Clear Room

4. Mezelio

MEZELIO offers contemporary 3D printed lighting in a small local workshop. This production method reduces the carbon footprint by avoiding long delivery routes. In addition, 3D printing is energy and raw material efficient, limiting waste. Our lamps are made to order and can be personalized to your needs. We are capable of producing unique pieces or small series, thus offering great flexibility in design.


5. Teejii.be

At Teejii, we specialize in textile printing in flex, sublimation, screen printing and embroidery. Our services are available to individuals and businesses, whether you need just one part or a hundred. We are committed to meeting your needs as best as possible, by personalizing your t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps, jackets, workwear, sportswear, luggage and other items with photos, designs, logos or messages .


6. Chrysalie

Chrysalie creates eco-responsible designer jewelry printed in 3D, designed and manufactured in Belgium. Each piece is lightweight, customizable and available in different colors. We use PLA, an eco-friendly material, and eco-friendly packaging. Discover our collections on www.chrysalie.be, delivery in Belgium and France.


7. Clak

Under the CLAK collective, we design, personalize and print organic and eco-responsible textiles in Brussels, inspired by hip-hop, geek and street art culture, as well as Belgian-Belgian culture. We are a team of 4 young Brussels residents (more or less) who started this adventure in 2008 with our first t-shirts. After a break, CLAK is back to offer you unique and colorful creations.


8. INKOO • Sustainable Custom Merch

INKOO is your ally for sustainable corporate gifts. Located in Belgium, we focus on organic textiles and personalized goodies, all made locally with an ethical and ecological approach. We offer premium screen printing and embroidery services, ideal for promoting your brand responsibly.


9. Clickprint.be

Our online printing company offers simple, fast and affordable services, with production in our workshops in Brussels and Sambreville. We print for schools, businesses and also offer signage and decoration services, as well as personalized products.


10. Thegoodtee

THEGOODTEE offers an innovative textile printing service for artists, sports teams and music groups, making it easier to sell their clothing to their communities through a web-to-print system. We avoid unsold goods by producing to order and to measure. Would you like to join us? You can now create and sell your own collection without constraints. We are open to new collaborations and our advisors are there to guide you in your project.


11. Kotton

KOTTON is a Belgian brand of artisanal textile creations. Séverine Moutquin, its founder, is inspired by graphic arts to design patterns that she prints in small quantities using screen printing in her workshop. Each bag, pouch, pencil case or decorative object is then made by hand, thus guaranteeing its unique character. The brand is fully committed to a local, slow and eco-responsible approach. Natural materials such as cotton and linen are favored, as are local and European suppliers. Additionally, the printing inks used are water-based.


12. Centuryprint

Centuryprint offers a web-to-print solution for a variety of premium customizable packaging. Based in Villers-la-Ville in Belgium, we quickly deliver orders from 50 units in less than 15 days. Our services include online personalization, eco-friendly packaging and a wide range of options including magnetic boxes, personalized gift boxes and more.


Happy discoveries!



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