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Don't panic, it's organic !

Photo-blog-Don't panic, it's organic !

Wednesday 17 april 2024

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of natural and organic skincare products. Thanks to a selection of products from Belgian e-commerce stores, treat yourself to an authentic beauty experience, where each product is carefully selected for its beneficial ingredients. From artisanal soaps to moisturizing creams, let yourself be seduced by formulas that respect your skin and the environment, for natural beauty that radiates health. Discover several ranges of products often available near you and treat yourself to the luxury of conscious and ethical beauty :)

Here are already ten natural soap e-shops that you will love among the dozens registered on the Belgian E-shops platform.


1. Nolla

Nolla is an eco-responsible cosmetics brand created to offer products that are healthy and pleasant to use. Disappointed with the natural deodorants available on the market, I decided to create my own deodorant that was respectful of the skin and the environment. After several tests, Nolla deodorant was born, manufactured in a small workshop in Genval, in Walloon Brabant. Our mission is simple: to offer plastic-free alternatives for your bathroom routine, in order to protect our planet. Join us on this adventure towards a greener and more responsible bathroom! ??



MIKLØ is a deodorant brand born from the desire to take care of your skin while preserving the planet. Our deodorants are formulated with only natural, active ingredients derived from castor oil, combined with all-natural fragrances made from essential oils. They are effective all day long, without compromising on health or the environment. Our products are manufactured locally in Belgium with plastic-free and compostable packaging materials. We believe in a unisex approach to fragrance, because we believe that body care should have no gender.


3. Bobone

Bobone cosmetics are like our grandmothers' recipes: simple, authentic and 100% natural. Made locally in the beautiful Ardennes, our products evoke the comfort of an apple pie from your childhood. With natural ingredients, traditional artisans and a touch of minimalism, Bobone invites you into its clan, where honesty, listening and sharing reign. We offer you caring advice for an authentic and refreshing human experience. Join the #clanbobone and discover our Marcel or Michel deodorants which will leave a divine smell on your skin!


4. Green Niche

Green Niche lovingly selects vegan, cruelty-free and local cosmetics, favoring natural and handmade ingredients. Our e-shop offers a varied range of facial, hair and body care products, as well as makeup, deodorants and ecological accessories. We offer brands such as Douces Angevines, Self, Ayda, Pony Hütchen, Baims and many others, come quickly take a look at our e-shop to discover them.

Green Niche

5. Green Beauty Corner

Our online store offers a selection of natural and organic beauty products, without ingredients harmful to health or the environment. Find treatments for the face, body, hair and natural makeup, as well as confidential brands that comply with European cosmetic regulations. Among our brands, La Canopée, Antipodes, Edible Beauty, Ere Perez, and many others. Our promise? Offering you a beauty shopping experience with complete confidence, with packages prepared with care and love, accompanied by samples for great discoveries.

Green Beauty Corner

6. Wash Wash Cousin

Wash Wash Cousin offers a range of innovative solid cosmetics, formulated to achieve “Zero waste in the bathroom”. Our products include cold process soaps, solid shampoos, makeup removers, deodorants and more, all without plastic packaging. Our water-free formulations provide extended shelf life, reducing waste and providing ecological and economic benefits. We favor organic ingredients and work with a suitable labor company for packaging. With an approach marked by humor and rock'n roll, Wash Wash Cousin works for a cleaner world.

Wash Wash Cousin

7. Juliet

Juliet. embodies the promise of a natural and moving sensory experience. Founded in 2020, our natural cosmetics brand focuses on the essentials to offer effective and sensory care. Our founder, Julie Merhi, puts all her know-how and passion into the research and development of quality products, favoring organic ingredients. Our story begins with the desire to create a natural and healthy beauty ritual, drawing on the benefits of nature. Based in Belgium, juliette. is committed to promoting a local and artisanal economy, thus offering handmade products in the heart of the Anlier forest. Discover authentic beauty with Juliette. - Made in Belgium.


8. Indigene

Francesco, pharmacist, and Eva, graduate in biomedical sciences, united their passions for beekeeping, harvesting and chemistry. Their meeting at university led them to create Indigène, a Belgian brand of natural cosmetics, born from their desire to manufacture their own environmentally friendly products. Indigène's effective formulas, made from local organic ingredients, are handcrafted in their Brussels laboratory. The brand is Artisan and Slow Cosmétique certified, demonstrating their commitment to quality, transparency and the environment.


9. L'arbre à savon

For almost 10 years, L'Arbre à Savon has been offering natural and artisanal cosmetic products, carefully manufactured by cold saponification in a workshop in Walloon Brabant. The brand favors natural ingredients and collaborates with small local producers to guarantee exceptional quality. Part of the profits are donated to Graine de Vie for planting trees in Madagascar, and volunteer missions are carried out in West Africa to support other soap factories. L'Arbre à Savon's commitment to the environment and local communities makes each purchase a meaningful gesture. Welcome to our canopy!

The soap tree

10. Mylène

Since 1965, Mylène has shined thanks to her commitment to quality and innovation. Founded by Rosa Mortelmans and her husband Léon Seutin, Mylène began as a cosmetic laboratory in their kitchen, offering innovative products and exclusive home workshops. With decades of expertise and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Mylène has become a go-to for skin and home care. Today, with a team of 1,500 passionate advisors, Mylène offers more than 500 products, ranging from skin care to household products, offering everyone the opportunity to shine. The brand is also committed to sustainability, with 95% of its range currently vegan. Mylène offers not only quality products, but also a warm and family experience, passing on her love from generation to generation. Whether it is to take care of your skin, your hair or your home, Mylène is there to support you in your quest for happiness and radiance.


Happy discoveries!



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