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Photo-blog-Transform the ordinary into extraordinary

Sunday 14 april 2024

Discover unique and authentic jewelry, created with passion by talented artisans in Belgium. Each piece tells a story, reflecting the artisanal know-how and originality of its creator. From rings to necklaces to earrings, each piece of jewelry is a work of art in its own right, designed to add a touch of character and elegance to your personal style. Discover a lovely selection, handmade pieces or limited collections, available on Belgian e-shops, and let yourself be seduced by their timeless beauty.

Here are already 11 jewelry e-shops that you will love among the dozens registered on the Belgian E-shops platform.


1. Schynsn Jewelry

Bijouterie Schyns offers you a selection of jewelry, watches and accessories from today's major brands, meeting the highest quality standards. In addition to selling jewelry, we offer jewelry processing and repair services, as well as ear piercing. Founded in 1954, our store has evolved to meet the needs of our customers, now also offering an online store. Our experienced team is here to provide you with personalized service and meet all your jewelry needs.

Schens Jewelry

2. Juuls

Passionate designer since 2016, I make contemporary jewelry, mainly earrings and bracelets, handmade with care. My collections are adapted to the trends of the coming season. I take pride in guaranteeing that my metal pieces are free of nickel, lead and cadmium. In addition to my passion for jewelry design, I still teach with dedication as a first grade elementary school teacher. In 2019, I opened my own online store to share my work with the world. And since May 2023, my little boutique corner welcomes jewelry lovers into my own home, offering unique pieces made with love. Thank you for supporting local and Belgian craftsmanship by choosing my creations.


3. Polomé jewelry

Discover our online showcase for pieces with a refined style and unparalleled boldness. From fine jewelry to fine jewelry, our House offers an exquisite selection of brands such as Pesavento, Hulchi Belluni and many more. We offer unique creations as well as transformation and repair services in our workshop, with personalized support at each stage. From paper to diamond, we use all our know-how to offer you exclusive pieces that meet your expectations.

Pomé Jewelry

4. Art'emi

Artemi is a Belgian online jewelry store, offering delivery across the country and having a workshop in Ixelles with an on-site boutique. Their collections include jewelry and accessories for men, women and children. Personalized engraving is offered free on most of their items. Their engraving workshop in Brussels offers rapid personalization services to make each piece of jewelry unique. Artemi's creations are handcrafted with noble materials such as silver and gold, highlighting authenticity and ethics. Their line of customizable jewelry allows customers to create unique pieces that reflect their style and memories.


5. Amalys Watches

Amalys, a young Belgian watch brand launched in Brussels in November 2017, stands out for its collections of high-quality, trendy watches at affordable prices, aimed at today's intrepid and ambitious women. Committed to ethical values, Amalys actively supports associations working for the rights and conditions of women around the world, by donating €5 for each watch sold to these projects. With a small, passionate team, Amalys strives to create a brand that stands out in the watch industry by sharing a message of emancipation and commitment to women. Watch quality is a priority, with careful selection of materials and production partners, while maintaining high standards of working conditions. Amalys aspires to have a lasting positive impact and to encourage women to achieve their daily ambitions.

Amalys Watches

6. Cozy Jewelry

Bijoux Cozy, a Belgian company specializing in stainless steel jewelry, offers a solution for jewelry fans tired of rust and color change. Their jewelry is water resistant, even in the shower! With a variety of carefully selected rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, Bijoux Cozy offers a wide range of elegant pieces. Founded in 2021 by Manon, passionate about jewelry and entrepreneurship, the brand also offers customization options. With dedication and passion, Manon works every day to offer durable and elegant jewelry that will accompany customers every day.

Cozy Jewelry

7. Gold-silver

Professional and transparent service for buying and selling gold and silver, with over 40 years of experience. Free in-store expertise with display of prices per gram. Fast payment by instant transfer. Present in seven jewelry stores in Wallonia, including Verviers, Liège, Malmedy, Huy, Mons, Visé and Namur.


8. Basaalt Workshop

Atelier Basaalt embodies modern elegance with handmade 24-karat gold-plated and silver jewelry, designed to be worn from day to night. Each piece is carefully thought out and created in Catherine's Brussels workshop, highlighting details and lightness for a harmonious result. With particular attention paid to the European origin of the materials, Basaalt offers jewelry that sparkles with life. Founded in 2018 by Catherine, Basaalt represents freedom and constant evolution, offering a diverse range of jewelry from minimalist bracelets to bold earrings. The brand aims to accompany every moment of the day, from office to parties to festivals and weddings. Resolutely modern in its aesthetic, Basaalt favors curved and sinuous lines, expressing the infinite creativity of its creator. Each piece is imagined, developed and carefully crafted by Catherine in her Brussels workshop. Catherine's story, marked by curiosity, travel and a need for expression, is reflected in her creations. Despite varied professional paths, her passion for jewelry creation ultimately found its way, embodying her personal development and her commitment to environmentally friendly materials. Thus Basaalt was born, an ode to creativity, passion and the constant search for meaning in Catherine's life.

Basaalt Workshop

9. JL creations

Joëlle, a jewelry designer, finds fulfillment in the art of creation despite her daily job. Inspired by nature since her childhood and passionate about flowers and the color pink, she founded JL Creations. This brand offers jewelry in noble materials such as gold and silver, decorated with precious or semi-precious stones. Through her different collections, Joëlle immerses you in a unique and elegant universe. In addition to its ready-to-wear creations, it offers tailor-made services, including wedding jewelry, wedding rings and engagement rings, adding a touch of magic to your uniqueness.

JL creations

10. Camille Belgian creation

Camille, jewelry designer in Brussels, made her dream come true by creating her ideal job. After studying management and fashion design, creating jewelry became obvious to her. At the age of 25, she opened her first boutique and founded Camille Belgian Creation, with the dream of presenting her own collections and sublimating women with timeless pieces. For 10 years, Camille has been practicing her passion on a daily basis. Each creation is an inspiring exchange and she takes immense pleasure in working materials with her hands to create bold and elegant jewelry. Entering her store is like diving into her world, an experience where each piece of jewelry reveals a little of its essence. Camille offers custom-made jewelry, handcrafted and in limited series. By combining her creativity with crystals, she creates jewelry full of meaning, interpreting femininity with passion, audacity and originality. Each piece is unique, characterized by a precious and sculptural style, testifying to a constant search for perfect balance and attention to detail. The entirely artisanal manufacturing adds additional seduction to its creations, while the limited series production arouses envy and admiration.

Camille Belgian creation

11. Little things creations

Little Things is much more than just a story of jewelry. It is a Belgian passion embodied by Christina, a passionate entrepreneur. Since 2016, she has joined the world of female entrepreneurship with Little Things, a brand of bohemian, chic jewelry made locally with love. Christina offers two ranges of unique jewelry: Les Pépites: Jewelry designed from components assembled in her workshop, offering accessible and fashionable creations. Les Merveilles: Entirely artisanal jewelry, handcrafted with varied techniques such as cutting, welding and polishing, offering poetic and therapeutic pieces. In addition to these collections, Little Things offers a variety of other lines, each with its own aesthetic and history: In Finesse: Delicate jewelry for brides and those seeking finesse and lightness. Anchorage: An oxygen collection created with natural stones with beneficial properties. Ornament: Personalized jewelry, engraved with initials or important words. By choosing a Little Things piece of jewelry, you not only support a passionate designer, but you also encourage Belgian manufacturing and local products. Additionally, Little Things Creations is recognized as a 'Certified Artisan' in Belgium, guaranteeing the quality of work and commitment to manual labor. For those who want a unique experience, Christina offers creative workshops where you can assemble your own jewelry under her expert guidance. These workshops are perfect for special occasions such as birthdays or hen parties. With Little Things, each piece of jewelry is more than an accessory, it is a piece of poetry, emotion and meaning, crafted with love and passion

Little things creations

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