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But first coffee

Photo-blog-But first coffee

Tuesday 9 april 2024

Discover the captivating aroma of coffee, a nice selection of products available on local e-shops. From artisan roasting to exotic blends, immerse yourself in a world of rich and complex flavors that will delight the most demanding coffee lovers. With meticulous attention paid to every step of the process, our Belgian suppliers deliver an unparalleled caffeinated experience, ready to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home or office. Find your next cup of comfort from our carefully selected collection of freshly ground beans, compatible capsules and coffee accessories.

Here are already 11 café e-shops that you will love among the dozens registered on the Belgian E-shops platform.


1. Corica

Corica is a Belgian, family-run artisanal roasting house, based in Brussels. Their wide range of coffees includes around 25 different origins, ranging from great classics to specialist micro-lots and Grands Crus. Their website guides you to choose the perfect coffee according to your preferences for strength and aromatic notes. Recognized for its artisanal roasting, Corica is certified by the Artisan label, guaranteeing superior quality. Their commitment to local is reflected in the fact that their roasting is 100% carried out in Belgium. Additionally, their products are certified ORGANIC by Certysis BE-BIO-01, ensuring a healthy and environmentally friendly option for coffee lovers.


2. Javry Coffee

'Javry, a Belgian SME, promotes ethical and eco-responsible coffee consumption in Belgium. Their commitments are multiple:
- Direct purchases from producing cooperatives, thus avoiding the stock markets.
- Weekly artisan roasting in Bièvre (province of Namur).
- Biosourced ecological packaging and biodegradable capsules.
- Online platform for simple management.

Their philosophy is based on the sustainability of the sectors, artisanal roasting, respect for the Earth and the offering of quality coffees at affordable prices. Ecology is at the heart of their vision, both in their products and in their management.

Javry is committed to eco-responsible management through:
- Sustainable agriculture.
- Ecological packaging.
- Biodegradable capsules.
- ORGANIC coffee.
- Circular economy.
- Ecodynamic Company Label.

Founded in 2015, Javry started with a coffee subscription service for individuals, then expanded to businesses in 2017. In 2020, despite the health crisis, Javry opened its doors again to individuals and launched a new website highlighting its values and its vision of the coffee trade. By continuing to serve professional and individual customers, Javry remains faithful to its mission: to provide quality, responsible and affordable coffee.'

Javry Coffee

3. 8 grams Store

8GRAMS.Store is a webshop specializing in coffee, offering a selection of nuggets from different Italian roasters, including the prestigious Mokarico in Florence. Their service guarantees fast and secure home delivery, with a wide choice of coffee in compatible capsules, ground coffee and coffee beans.

8 grams Store

4. Delahaut

Cafés Delahaut, a family business, specializes in coffee roasting, artisanal tea imports and delicatessen products. Their boutique in Namur offers a varied range including twenty-one types of coffee, ninety varieties of tea, jams, biscuits, chocolate, oils and vinegars.

To meet the needs of their customers, Cafés Delahaut has launched an e-commerce platform allowing individuals to order coffee, teas and gourmet baskets online, businesses to acquire coffee, professional coffee machines and business gifts, and Horeca professionals to obtain coffee, accompaniments and professional equipment.

The history of the company dates back to 1864 with the creation of a delicatessen in Vieux Namur, then evolving into Maison Delahaut in April 1913. Despite the challenges encountered, the company remained prosperous, building a loyal clientele in the city and its surroundings.


5. Gust

Gust Coffee Roasters, a Belgian specialty coffee micro-roaster located in the south of Brussels, focuses on traceability, sustainability and quality of coffees. They work with sustainable producers and guarantee complete traceability back to origin, in a short circuit. All their coffees have a minimum score of 84+, and are freshly roasted at low temperatures in an artisanal way to develop all the intensity and natural aromas, without ever burning the beans. They strive to make a difference in the coffee industry by offering products that are fair, delicious and accessible to everyone.


6. Van Hove Cafes

Cafés Van Hove, founded in 1954 by Augustin Vanhove and his son André, are a family business passing on know-how from generation to generation. Specializing in roasting and creating new flavors, they import quality coffees from Asia, Africa and America, and create harmonious blends. Their slow, artisanal roasting process guarantees the freshness and quality of the products. They offer a variety of high-selection coffees as well as an extensive range of loose leaf teas, all complying with international sustainable trading standards. By choosing Cafés Van Hove, you are opting for craftsmanship focused on freshness and quality, with a warm welcome and attentive service.

Van Hove Cafés

7. Virunga Coffee

Virunga coffee comes from exceptional terroirs in Central and East Africa, grown on the banks of Lake Kivu and the Virunga mountains at more than 1,500 meters above sea level. Two cooperatives, COOPAC and COOPAC Limited, ensure the production and marketing of coffee, guaranteeing respect for workers and fair trade practices. Certified organic by Certisys and Fairtrade, Virunga coffees offer a unique taste, also supporting values of respect for the environment and reduction of social and environmental inequalities. The capsules used are 100% biodegradable, demonstrating Virunga Coffee's commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

Virunga Coffee

8. Preko Cafés

Cafés Preko, an artisanal, family-owned coffee roastery, offers a diverse range of products for coffee lovers, including whole and ground coffees, pads and capsules, coffee machines, barista equipment, as well as as gift and tasting packs. Founded more than 50 years ago, this Belgian company, based in Seraing, is recognized for the quality of its products, obtained using an artisanal roasting method. Led by two generations, the Preko family combines industry experience with new wave coffee ideas, shaped by travel and training from the Specialty Coffee Association.

Preko Cafés

9. Tip Top Coffee

Family and artisanal roasting, our coffees are roasted daily to guarantee you quality coffee in your cup. Discover coffees with traceability and respect for producers on our e-shop.

Tip Top Coffee

10. Storme Coffee roasters

For 125 years, our company has perpetuated the family values of knowledge of the terroirs, respect for the product and precision of know-how to offer the best coffee to our customers. In recent years, we have also placed emphasis on developing our social responsibility towards the environment. As the 5th generation of roasters, we continue to maintain this passion for our noble product.

Storme Coffee roasters

11. Torrefactory

Torrefactory's mission is to make quality coffee accessible to all by carefully selecting the best origins and roasting them artisanally in Belgium. Their coffees, available in beans or ground, are fair trade and organic certified. The team works around three key values: impeccable quality, respect for man and nature, as well as modern and efficient service. Founded in 2017 by three entrepreneurs passionate about coffee, Torrefactory is committed to choosing fair trade and sustainable coffees, while developing artisanal know-how to offer quality coffees. With a focus on sustainability, craftsmanship, craftsmanship and accessibility, Torrefactory strives to provide an exceptional coffee experience for everyone.


Good tasting!



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