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Life is better with animals

Photo-blog-Life is better with animals

Friday 5 april 2024

Immerse yourself in the world of animal welfare, thanks to Belgian e-shops dedicated to four-legged companions. Discover a diverse range of carefully selected products, from quality food to stimulating toys and comfortable accessories. These online stores offer a unique experience, highlighting the well-being and happiness of our animal friends. Explore now to find everything your faithful companions need for a happy and fulfilling life.

Here are already 10 animals e-shops that you will love among the dozens registered on the Belgian E-shops platform.


1. Ecozoo

Ecozoo offers a selection of quality brands for your pets, including Alpha Spirit, Bazoef, Carnicroc, Flamingo, Ownat, Ecozoo and Colonel Gustave. As a professional, breeder or reseller, you can order directly from them. They work together with you to define the terms of your cooperation.


2. Colonel Gustave

Colonel Gustave offers healthy and ecological kibble for dogs and cats, as opposed to conventional brands which prioritize cost over quality. Their recipes are carefully crafted without grains and contain fresh meat, vitamins and natural omega-3s for the health of your pets. They also focus on reducing plastic waste by using compostable paper packaging and working in bulk with their partners. The story of Colonel Gustave began when its founder, Arnaud Henroz, noticed that the major brands did not offer food adapted to the needs of animals. With his friend Arnaud Gustin, they decided to create a new local and healthy brand of kibble, which quickly became a success. By opting for Colonel Gustave, you offer your animal quality food while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Colonel Gustave

4. Animo solution/Koucouk

KoucouK® is a company that offers solutions to harmonize cohabitation between humans and animals, with a socio-eco-responsible approach. Their range includes ethical accessories and furniture, made in Belgium, aimed at making daily life more comfortable for dogs, cats and their owners. They recently changed their brand name to KoucouK®, in homage to a beloved dog. Their slogan 'The art of living at home' reflects their commitment to creating products that fit harmoniously into homes while respecting the needs of animals. KoucouK® also promotes ethics by working with adapted work companies and supporting animal welfare associations. In addition, they plant a tree for each order over €30 and make sure to use materials that respect the environment, workers and animal health.

Animo solution-Koucouk

5. The animal world

Since 1972, L'Univers Animalier has been a family store specializing in items for animals, constantly evolving with trends. Their careful selection of quality products is their strength, working in collaboration with the best manufacturers in the world. The store began as 'Tout pour l'oiseau' before becoming 'L'Univers animalier' in 1992, offering an extensive range of exclusive items for dogs and cats. With a committed team spanning three generations, their commitment to animal welfare and customer service is at the heart of their strong reputation.

The animal world

6. Bico by cookie

We offer a sophisticated range of exclusive, resistant and environmentally friendly dog products, handcrafted with love in Flemish Brabant. Inspired by the landscapes of the Ecuadorian Andes, our collection of alpaca wool collars, leashes and sweaters will take you on a journey. With trendy prints, timeless elegance, proven strength and local artisanal manufacturing, our products combine style, quality and durability. Production times vary from 2 to 6 weeks depending on orders and the season.

Bico by cookie

7. The doggie shop

Since 2007, The Toutou Shop in Woluwé has offered a warm setting for grooming and selling items for dogs and cats. The grooming salon offers quality services based on a gentle and behavioral approach, while the boutique offers a selection of quality and carefully sourced items. They also offer tailor-made services, Belgian cosmetic products and a focus on hygiene and well-being. With over 35 years of experience, the team is here to advise and provide quality items for you and your companion.

The doggie shop

8. Dog's kitchen

Dog's Kitchen offers a range of dog treats and chews, all made from fresh meats or fish. The concept was born from the food intolerance of one of the founders' dogs, prompting them to explore healthier eating options. They prepare balanced meals for their own dogs daily and want to share the benefits of quality nutrition with other dog owners. In collaboration with veterinarians, they offer complete, healthy and balanced recipes, using quality ingredients and cooking methods that preserve nutrients. The goal is to provide dogs with a natural, healthy diet to improve their overall well-being.

Dogs kitchen

9. Chrono vet

Chronovet® is an online sales site created by veterinarians practicing in veterinary offices, centers and clinics, specializing in the sale of food and care products for a variety of pets. The site offers a complete range of products for dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, horses, birds and reptiles. Customers benefit from expert advice from their Chronovet® partner veterinarian to choose the foods and products best suited to their animals. Products available include those from major brands such as Hill's®, Proplan®, Specific®, Virbac®, Royal Canin®, Supreme Petfoods®, Audevard®, and Equistro®.

Chrono vet

10. Sherkane

Sherkane is a Belgian family business specializing in items for dogs and cats. Their rigorous selection aims to meet the needs, comfort, pleasure, health and safety of animals, as well as customer expectations in terms of quality and lifestyle. They offer quality accessories, food selected for its composition and the quality of its ingredients, natural snacks, and other items, as well as the possibility of tailor-made textile manufacturing. Sherkane favors Belgian and European companies in the choice of their suppliers and the origin of the products, highlighting animal welfare and quality. Delivery is free everywhere in Belgium for purchases over 30 euros.


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