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Constantin Huart


Passionate about flowers since a young age, Constantin Huart chose his path as a teenager. Since then, he has followed a successful professional career and his fertile imagination has led him to the design and production of numerous prestigious events and ceremonies. “I love flowers for the sensations they provide, it's a constantly renewed pleasure. Nothing could have stopped me from indulging in my passion for the plant world. » It was in Waterloo that he established his magnificent boutique in the style of a concept store and he regularly designs spectacular window displays. Designed as an annex to its store, the e-shop of course offers bouquets, its concept of flower boxes but also orchids and some cacti. The Baobab candle collection is also available online, as is a selection of decorative objects such as Qeeboo brand “rabbits”, Leblon Delienne Mickeys and Creativando Hearts.

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 1410  Waterloo

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