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It is under the CLAK collective that we invent and print our creative concepts. Without any pretension, just have fun and make you happy. We find our inspiration and our energy from a wide variety of sources: hip hop, geek art, skate, US culture but above all Belgian-Belgian.

How many times have we not said to ourselves: “Damn, with this film, this album, I took my slap! And why don't we also send heavy, good slaps to all our friends? It is from this expression “Prends ta slap” that our name was born and our adventure began.

Who are we ?
We are 4 (more so) young people from Brussels who started this adventure in 2008 with the production of our first t-shirts. After a colorful first season, CLAK was put on standby for a good ten years, the time to have kids, take on wrinkles and flop.

casquette-bleu-4-web for Clak

Today, we are doing it again with the same state of mind: not to worry, to have fun producing and spreading our ideas, our desires from Belgium. Develop quality products, environmentally conscious, respecting the work of all players in the textile industry and at a fair price. Each piece in our collection is unique, printed by hand in our workshop (we admit, it's more of a garage) and delivered by us in Belgium and everywhere else.

Hoping that our creations will accompany you in your daily life with style and simplicity.

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 1083  Ganshoren

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