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Wax-up.com, an e-shop that smells of wax, surfing and skate culture.

Wax-up offers accessories for skate and surf fans. On our e-shop you will find skate socks, graphic stickers to stick everywhere, stationery and bracelets, for little (and big) riders.

Gift boxes with socks and goodies are also available, which will delight budding skaters!

Our products are 100% made in Europe. The stationery and stickers are designed by us in our graphic studio and we have selected European brands and artisans for the socks and accessories.

How was Wax-up born?

The family desire to do something cool and share favorites. Wax-up is also the project of two children, Tom and Zoé, and their parents, Olivier and Laurélie, driven by the irrepressible desire to make things more beautiful, each in their own way.

Tell me dad ! What if we launched a skate shop?

After 20 years spent analyzing clients' business plans, dissecting opportunities and warning about the difficulties of establishing yourself in online sales, it was time to say... damn!

wax-up-chaussettes-skate2 for Wax-up

Let's do it, just for fun, and see what happens to our project.

Wax-up Shop is above all a family project, a creative outlet, a demonstration of “when you want, you can”, an ode to listening to your heart and your desires, a little nothing and a big everything that allows succeeding generations to learn through experience.

At the helm, dad, a jack-of-all-trades digital entrepreneur, Mrs. Grizzly who brings the graphic creations to life, Tom, the product advisor who is never short of energy and Zoé who spreads her good vibes to the sound of the ukulele.

The selection of the products offered is made with an instrument that even Dr. Emmett Brown envy: heart and emotion. It's beautiful, it's fun, it's cool; the triple check that makes the difference.

The products are lovingly prepared and shipped quickly. Careful packaging and goodies.
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