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Atelier Cuarenta


The farm is located on the rooftop of the abattoir in Anderlecht. It's a circular urban farm that reuses the water of their forel aquarium for the plants they grow.
Only lemons, juiced ginger, crushed basil. Sparkling water and some cane sugar to balance the flavour. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!​ ​ No crazy chemicals whatsoever.
We partner with Belgian finest craft brewers to make our non-alcoholic drinks. ​ Combining fresh ingredients with our brewing tradition gives our unique flavour.
In Latin-America, fresh sodas and juices are made on the corner of the street. In Europe, sodas come from mega factories. And contain ingredients most of us even can't pronounce (things like E211, sodium benzoate).
Atelier Cuarenta takes the Latin-American craft soda spirit to Brussels. Sodas with real ingredients, locally crafted in the heart of Europe.

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 1600  Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

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