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Born in Namur in 1976, Charline Lancel lives and works in Brussels. Teacher graduated in 1998 with great distinction and artist author of pictorial works, visual artist, digital painter, Charline transmits through her vibrational visuals, the teaching of the energetic dynamics of the antediluvian couple. Her cosmic works created by photo-manipulation are abstract, geometric, minimal, linear or spherical. Since 2007 Charline Lancel has been creating a collection of digital paintings, filled with light, colors, positive vibrations, strength and energy. Her works are printed on photo paper and ChromaLuxe©.

spiralisme-peinture-numerique-charline-lance-400 for CHARLINE LANCEL spirale-0-peinture-numerique-charline-lancel-400 for CHARLINE LANCEL spirale-peinture-numerique-charline-lancel-400 for CHARLINE LANCEL la-source-peinture-numerique-charline-lancel-400 for CHARLINE LANCEL triptyque-andhumla-charline-lancel-400 for CHARLINE LANCEL