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Café-Tasse provides chocolate lovers with a very unique taste. The brand pays a tribute to Belgian Chocolate without altering its essence, its values are built on tradition, authenticity and respect for the product.

Faithful to our values, in 2024, Café-Tasse is taking a key step on the journey towards sustainability by sourcing certified cocoa.

Our artisan chocolate makers created a recipe which is the signature of the brand. We source the best cocoa beans from Africa and South America. Our dark chocolates contain between 60% and 82% cocoa solids and are made with 100% pure cocoa butter.

Deliciously elegant

Café-Tasse is the reflection of an art of living, the gourmet's luxury, the chocolate for the connoisseurs.
The brand crosses borders and times with elegance, destined to the amateur curious to discover new horizons through our chocolates. A savory journey across the world of chocolate.

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Chic and sober

Simple and nature-friendly packagings :
the essence of our brand, kraft, wood, natural cord, jute and our elegant Tencel ribbon stamped with the Café-Tasse logo which perfectly finishes our gift boxes, and crystal bags.Nothing is left unattended, everything is carefully thought out and handmade by our specialized craftsmen with respect for our planet.

The simple pleasure of sharing

The original design with its pretty colors give the Café-Tasse collection its elegance and uniqueness.
Our wooden boxes, hat boxes, small chocolate cups filled with smooth salted caramel, the advent calendar filled with our best selection of iconic mini bars and Neapolitans, family bars and individual bars are all pleasures and treasures, part of the Café-Tasse chocolate creations … a unique gourmet gift

Café-Tasse Store
Rue du Marché aux Herbes 15
1000 Bruxelles

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 1401  Baulers

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