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Mademoiselle Glossy, founded around a team of passionate hairstylists, is delighted to introduce its range of organic hair colors and shampoos, along with natural hair care products. But above all, Mademoiselle Glossy was born from my passion for the world of hairstyling and the desire to share genuine values such as environmental responsibility, a commitment to natural beauty that celebrates femininity, and hair care products that are highly effective while minimizing the use of chemical compounds.

As a mother, I am deeply involved in environmental protection and waste reduction, but I am also a hairdressing professional. For me, these aspects are not contradictory; they complement each other. I believe this is what makes Mademoiselle Glossy so unique! Feel free to explore our range of organic hair shampoos and treatments, available in Belgium.

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shop Mademoiselle Glossy
avenue Emile Max, 86
 1030  Bruxelles

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