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What is a Belgian e-shop that is a member of the non-profit association Belgian e-shops ?

A Belgian e-shop is an online store, having its head office and operating headquarters in Belgium. An online store allows purchases 24 hours a day, with digital payment and delivery option. A Belgian e-shop that is a member of our association must be completely independent of any large group with its head office outside Belgium.

Can a Belgian e-shop sell items from other countries?

Of course, The main goal is to reach a nice and complete range of products and services to consumers offered and sold by independents and traders in Belgium.
To find items manufactured in Belgium, search under the categories: 'handmade', 'crafts' and 'made in Belgium'

Am I certain to reduce my environmental footprint by ordering from Belgian e-shops?

Yes ! First of all, in terms of distance traveled, your package will not have traveled 3x around the world before arriving at your home.
Additionally returned goods will be put back on the shelf, whereas large groups most probably destroy returned products.

Why should you buy at a Belgian e-shop ?

By ordering from a Belgian e-shop, you are injecting your money into your country's economy.
The retailer will pay VAT on your product and social security contributions for himself and his employees.
This money will then go back into the state coffers and contribute to spending (education, health, pensions, infrastructure).

Do you charge commissions on sales of e-shops, traffic generation or gift voucher transactions?

Our non-profit organisation and site does not take any form of commission on sales of gift vouchers, visitor referrals or sales on the listed e-shops.
Our aim is mainly to promote and support Belgian online entrepreneurs and make visible the great offer they have for consumers.

Can I also own a fysical store?

Of course, it appears combining an online shop with a physical shop has its advantages.
You'll certainly find an excellent article on this subject on our BLOG.

How much does it cost to be listed on Belgian E-shops?

Completely free of charge.
A nice personal page with images, your logo and important information about what your e-shop has to offer is free of charge and subject to no obligation.
It will contribute to the visitors and dynamics on your e-shop.
Of course, you can always opt to participate in promotions, monthly theme formulas and other marketing tools, under formula ADVANCED or PREMIUM.
Please refer to the subscription page.

How about internal competition between the e-shops?

Together we are stronger !
When it comes to competing against the big international platforms, we know that Belgian consumers simply like to have a complete offer, lots of choice and plenty of inspiration.
By grouping the offer of our smaller Belgian companies, we achieve both a more complete and a more qualitative offer. Time to win back our consumers!

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