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Thursday 14 september 2023

To increase your visibility and traffic, it is important to be present in influential directories. We are thinking of third-party sites such as your federation, your chamber of commerce, company directories, reference sites like Wikipedia but also consumer review sites.

These sites are very popular with users who want to form an opinion before moving on to the transaction stage, online or not. It is therefore important to understand your performance within these sites, and to assess the relevance of minimally managing a presence there, for example.

Don't forget to manage your business profile on Google which is, after all, the search engine that remains the most consulted worldwide with 92% of market share!

Among these directories, obviously don't forget the directory of Belgian e-shops.

Maximizing Visibility and Traffic for Belgian E-Shops: A Call for Registration on “belgische-eshops-belges.be”

Online commerce is constantly evolving, and for Belgian businesses wanting to thrive in this dynamic digital environment, visibility and traffic are essential. Belgian e-shops are a key player in this digital revolution, bringing relevant products and services to the Dutch, French, German and English speaking Belgian public.

To help them increase their visibility and their own traffic, as well as strengthen the local economy, we are launching a vibrant appeal for them to register on our platform, “belgische-eshops-belges.be”.

Strengthening Local Visibility

Registering your e-shop on 'belgische-eshops-belges.be' is a good way to increase your visibility locally. We offer a centralized platform where potential customers can find a multitude of Belgian e-shops, making it easier for them to explore the products and services offered by our national community of digital entrepreneurs. Registering on “belgische-eshops-belges.be” is a bit like if a somewhat isolated store opened a branch in a shopping center.

Increase Your Organic Traffic

Registering on “belgische-eshops-belges.be” is a strategic way to improve your website traffic. As a directory specializing in Belgian e-shops, our platform attracts an audience specifically interested in the products and services offered by local businesses. Take advantage of this opportunity to attract a steady flow of qualified visitors to your website. Additionally, your page on “belgische-eshops-belges.be” creates several backlinks to your own site, which increases your relevance in Google searches.

Support the Local Economy

By choosing to register on “belgische-eshops-belges.be”, you actively support the local economy. We believe in the strength of Belgian companies and their ability to prosper in the world of online commerce. As a platform dedicated to Belgian e-shops, we encourage economic patriotism and mutual support within our community.


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