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Certified Artisans in Belgium

Photo-blog-Certified Artisans in Belgium

Tuesday 10 october 2023

Are you looking for a quality craftsman? Look for the “certified craftsman” label
On Belgian e-shops, you will find the “Certified Artisan” label on several pages.

What is a certified craftsman?

A certified craftsman is a craftsman who has obtained legal recognition by the Artisan Commissions of the FPS Economy. Artisan status is granted to companies that meet certain conditions. It applies to the company and the entrepreneur, but not to the product as such. The activity must be essentially manual, authentic, focused on quality, tradition, creation or innovation.

What conditions must be met?

Recognition is only possible if:
the craftsman is registered with the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises as a natural or legal person for the exercise of one or more for-profit activities;
the craftsman has less than twenty workers;
the activity consists of the production, transformation, repair or restoration of objects or the provision of services. When granting recognition, the Artisans Commission takes into account the essentially manual aspects and the authentic character of the activity;
the importance of manual labor;
know-how focused on quality, tradition, creation or innovation.

Is this recognition possible for all sectors?

Yes, a multitude of sectors and activities are covered within the framework of the legal recognition of craftsman. These include, among others, food products, luxury products (jewelry, perfumes, etc.), woodworking, leather, metal, paper, glass, textiles, stone, musical instruments, arts and crafts, restoration of objects, etc.
An artisan can request legal recognition from the Artisans Commission of the FPS Economy. This recognition recognizes the authentic character of the activity, the manual aspect of the work and the artisanal know-how. Thanks to the logo attesting to obtaining legal recognition, it can count on greater visibility among the public (logo visible on communication media, on the window, etc.). This little extra for the brand image could also boost activity! It will constitute a guarantee of authenticity, seriousness and competence for consumers.


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