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How to use a gift certificate?

Photo-blog-How to use a gift certificate?

Thursday 12 october 2023

Here are some additional elements to explain and illustrate the principle of gift vouchers.

An individual or organization wants to give someone a gift.

For example, a grandmother wants to give gifts to her grandchildren and doesn't really know what to choose, she opts for gift certificates, so her grandchildren will choose what they really want to buy, and then, they all receive a gift of the same value.

Or a student in Canada wants to give a Christmas gift to his grandmother who lives in a residence in Brussels.

Or a company wants to offer an end-of-year bonus to the members of its team, or a school wants to offer a reward to its “theatre” team.

So where can you find these gift certificates?

Several physical or online stores offer the possibility of purchasing their gift certificates which the beneficiaries can then exchange in these same stores, and only in those.

But which store should you choose to have a chance of meeting the tastes of the check recipients?

Donors find themselves faced with a difficult choice!

Belgian E-shops solve this problem by offering exchangeable checks for dozens of stores, thus offering a greater choice.

How does it work?

The system works in two stages as follows:

Step #1

Individuals or companies want to buy gift vouchers for example for their children or their employees or their customers on the occasion of a party or a tournament or a success etc.

These individuals or companies choose to buy them from Belgian E-shops because they offer their recipients a greater choice than if they had ordered their gift vouchers directly from a particular e-shop.

Our gift vouchers are neutral and carry a unique number which does not appear in the list of store codes and therefore cannot be used directly for payment in a store.

If this were the case, this would mean that the check is only valid in the store which holds this number.

Step #2

This is why the recipients of these vouchers must go through our site to make an exchange between their gift voucher and a purchase code specific to the e-shop where they wish to consume their check.

It is then that these people can make the exchange between the gift certificate that they received and a purchase code that the e-shop itself provided to our site and which will be recognized by its system at time of payment.

Once the person has received their purchase code specific to a store in exchange for the gift voucher which was independent of the stores, they can go to the store and make their purchase by mentioning their purchase code in the field provided for this purpose to participate in the payment.

As soon as this exchange is made, our site, the Belgian e-shops, notifies the store by email that one of its purchase codes has been used and transfers its value to its bank account.


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