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Meet Le Slibard

Photo-blog-Meet Le Slibard

Friday 28 october 2022

The wolf is in the sheepfold

Slibard and Belgian e-shops are a bit of a covid-couple. Together since the very beginning of our history. It is their humor and the uniqueness of their product that made us fall in love.

They're releasing a brand new wolf collection next week in partnership with Natagora. For each Slibard sold, half a square meter of forest is purchased to preserve it.

Meeting with the founder Gauthier

Where does this idea of getting into underpants come from?

It has been a passion since childhood (laughs). No, in real life I wanted to offer something that does not sell second hand. Also, I wanted to create my eshop following my experience in the digital environment. The boxer shorts were the ideal product because they cannot be tried on in stores and there are very few returns.

What's so special about these Slibards?

They are soft… very soft! Originals too! And they hold up! And then every morning, when you put on your Slibard, you have a little positive thought about our biodiversity. And that alone is important!

Finally, we try to produce them in the best possible way. And we want to keep improving, step by step. Our MicroModal comes from Austria and the production is done in Portugal.

Tell us more about the new wolf collection!

These are beautiful bottle green boxers on which are represented wolves and from time to time you will see a sheep. The biggest challenge in the reintegration of wolves is cohabitation with breeders. And we understand them too. This is why we must find solutions so that their herds are not threatened and that wolves can roam our regions again without being hunted.

So they will be available on November 1st for pre-order?

Absolutely ! You can pre-order them for €23 instead of €29 between November 1 and 15. They will be delivered at the end of November at the latest in time for the holidays!

Can we ever hope for a Slibard with fries?

(Laughs) Why not! I'll let you find the partner association in connection with fries and let's get started! Maybe real Belgian fries are on the way out.

What is your favorite brand on the Belgian Eshops?

I would say TERRAE, artisanal and responsible candles to spend the winter a little warmer in Slibard.
Link to the sheepfold: www.leslibard.com
Instagram & Contest: https://www.instagram.com/le_slibard/


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