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Will your e-shop still meet the standards in 2 years?

Photo-blog-Will your e-shop still meet the standards in 2 years?

Monday 31 july 2023

You have been an online entrepreneur for some time now, your main focus is on the customer experience, promotions and commercial performance of your online store through well-thought-out SEO, SEA, business is going well and your business continues to grow. grow satisfactorily.....
Next, think about your online store technology. It's a bit like the sales space and warehouse of a physical store...at some point it may become too small.

What do you expect from your online store?
What FUNCTIONALITY do you expect from your online store? The basics like product catalog management, shopping cart, payment system, search functionality, mobile responsiveness: everyone thinks so. But do you want online sales, product suggestions based on browsing history... advanced customer account management, CRM? Maybe you're not ready for full newsletters and interactive blogs, chatbots... but you're moving toward an online store with products that require more explanation and support from experts ...
We sincerely hope that each entrepreneur will experience success to the point of having to entrust the orientation and information of customers to employees and no longer being able to do everything themselves... It is therefore not useless to check advance if your online store's technology also allows for this type of workflow.
Of course, the BUDGET and the resources that you can allocate to the development, implementation and maintenance of the online store play an important role in the choice of technology. Compare the pros and cons of the platforms based on your current and possibly future needs. It often happens that an online store outgrows its 'first shoes'.
Think ahead and choose scalable technology that can grow with your business. By avoiding frequent technology migrations, you will save a lot of time and money in the long run.
E-commerce requires the processing of sensitive data about customers and payment transactions. Make sure the chosen technology meets high security standards and that your customer data is well protected.
SUPPORT AND COMMUNITY: Can the platform provide sufficient support for probelemen e nook and in what language? Where this support is located makes a big difference if you want to be able to reach them by phone, as well as the times you can reach them, for example. Do they have a clear guideline and service standard – within what time frame – for responding to questions?

INTEGRATION POSSIBILITIES: Check if your chosen technology can easily integrate with other tools and services you already use, such as payment gateways, shipping services, customer relationship management, management inventory, accounting software, etc.
THE USER INTERFACE is essential, both for your own use and that of your customers and for an intuitive customer experience. There is still little tolerance for standard website tasks that don't work without explanation. When it comes to finding the right information, users tend to decide within seconds whether a website meets their needs. If the site doesn't immediately display the information they're looking for, they're likely to leave it and look for another source. Users are also unforgiving when it comes to loading times; a recent Google study shows that after 3 seconds, you lose attention and therefore the visitor.
Request performance data, such as loading times, response times, and server load during peak hours. Scalable technology must be able to continue to operate smoothly, even during busy times.
Without being a technician, you must still know the architecture of the platform you have chosen. Scalable technology uses a modular architecture (a bit like building with Lego blocks 😊), which allows you to add or change certain features without having to modify or flatten your entire online store.
Also get information or advice regarding database structure, caching, and database query optimization. As your volume of data, customers, products, and transactions grows, everything needs to run smoothly.
Compatibility with cloud computing: . we may not need to explain it anymore, but we mention it anyway.... NATURALLY! !!
Look before you leap! Moving to a new platform often takes a lot of time, money and frustration.


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