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Asking your customers' opinions, why is it important?

Photo-blog-Asking your customers' opinions, why is it important?

Tuesday 16 january 2024

It is essential to regularly ask for feedback from your customers, for several reasons: to grow your business, build customer loyalty, improve customer service, and much more. In this article, we also give you some ideas for collecting this valuable feedback!

Why is it so important to collect feedback from our customers?

As a reminder, the customer experience is not simply limited to the act of purchasing a good on your online sales site, nor to the customer's receipt of their package. The customer experience begins well in advance, at the time of internet research, the discovery of your world, the way in which the visitor is led to discover your eshop, the first contacts, etc. The product itself only represents 30% of the entire customer experience in contact with your eshop. It is therefore essential to look at this entire journey, and who is better placed to give you feedback than the customer themselves?

The continuous improvement of our activity

Customer reviews provide you with essential information on several aspects. First on your customer service, if it is easy to get in touch with your team, to receive answers to their questions, etc. Then on the products that the customer will have purchased. Does it meet the customer's expectations, does it comply with the product sheet, etc.? These customer reviews are all avenues for improvement to develop your business.

Increase the trust of potential customers

Customer reviews are part of what we call “social proof”, these are real reviews that can be highlighted to show future customers that existing customers are satisfied with the service and products. The more customer reviews there are, the more new customers there will be. The world attracts the world. These reviews also boost your business's credibility in the eyes of new customers.

Allow problem repair

The possibility of collecting feedback also makes it possible to collect negative opinions. While these are at first glance the least welcome, they give you the opportunity to resolve issues and show that you are taking customer concerns into account. Some customers will not take the steps themselves, but if you ask them for their opinion, it is a safe bet that it will be constructive and caring. And in the majority of cases, the customer remembers the excellent customer service, rather than the disappointment of the product, and they will come back!

Personalize the service:

Feedback received from customers can help you personalize your offerings based on your customers' needs and preferences. It is essential to know your persona and your 'typical' customer well, in order to best determine their needs and the problem you wish to solve.

Without forgetting the Marketing aspect

Of course, the many positive testimonials can be used in your marketing strategy to attract new customers. Whether they are in the form of testimonials or Google reviews, in the form of responses to a form, in the form of messages or emails, it is essential to integrate them into your communication content and your marketing strategy.

Strengthen customer engagement

By asking for their opinion, you show your customers that their opinion is important, and that you are attentive to their well-being to improve their satisfaction and customer experience. This helps to strengthen commitment and loyalty to the brand with its customers.

Competition assessment

Finally, feedback from your customers can also help you compare your business to the competition and identify areas where you can stand out.

How can we ask for feedback from our customers?

It is essential to put some routines in place in order to collect feedback continuously. Indeed, if we think about it from time to time when we are in front of a customer, it is much more valuable to collect opinions on a regular basis. Here's how to do it:

Follow-up emails after purchase

It is important to establish a follow-up email routine. For example, send an email a few days after the customer receives their order. He will be delighted to be able to give a few minutes of his time for your business.

Online questionnaires

Via a satisfaction questionnaire on your website, you can also collect feedback on the entire purchasing experience. Don't forget to put the link to this questionnaire in the order confirmation email or any other place visible to the customer.

Social networks

It is also possible to use social media platforms to ask for feedback and encourage your customers to share their experiences. Via social networks, however, you must be aware of the fact that some comments are not always kind, which requires a rapid and thoughtful response strategy.

Live chat

If you have a live chat service on your site, ask customers directly if they have any feedback. You can also ask questions to find out how they got to the site, what they are looking for, for what occasion, etc.

Review rewards

Encourage customers to leave reviews by offering discounts or loyalty points in exchange, to use on a future purchase on your site.

In summary, asking your customers for feedback is an essential way to optimize your business, build trust and create a positive relationship with your customer base. This also contributes to the long-term growth of your e-commerce.


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