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What should I find on the home page of my eshop?

Photo-blog-What should I find on the home page of my eshop?

Saturday 4 march 2023

The relevant information to appear on the home page of a business site may vary depending on the sector of activity, the target audience and the products or services offered.

Generally speaking, here is a list of the main points to include on the home page of your online store:

a) The title: A clear and concise title that immediately communicates the value proposition of your company or product.

b) Product images: A high-quality image, which allows you to directly identify the universe of the brand and the subject of e-commerce.

c) Call to action (CTA): A clear, prominent call to action that encourages visitors to take action, such as 'Buy now', 'Sign up' or 'Learn more'. It is important that this button is clickable and visible on the first screen, BEFORE you start to scroll down the home page.

d) Trust badges: Trust badges or symbols indicating the security, reliability and credibility of your eShop, such as SSL certificates, payment security badges for example. Also badges linking to a serious organization, such as 'Belgian eshops', 'certified craftsmen', 'becommerce' are also identifiable for Belgian online stores.

e) Social proof: Customer reviews have an essential place on the home page, because prospects will first go to see what others think of your site. Whether in the form of reviews, testimonials or social media mentions, anything that demonstrates the satisfaction and loyalty of your existing customers and their reviews is important.

f) Links to social networks: Often in the form of an icon, visitors will take a look at social networks to discover a little more about the world of the brand.

g) Navigation Menu: A clear and intuitive navigation menu that allows visitors to easily navigate your website, including links to product categories, pages and contact information.

h) Contact Information: Contact information such as email address, telephone number and physical address helps establish credibility and provide customer support. The phone number should be clickable to be optimal, especially for the mobile version of the website.

i) Return and refund policy: Clear and transparent policies for returns, refunds and cancellations to reassure customers, such as “100% satisfaction or your money back”.

j) Delivery costs: if shipping costs are offered above a certain threshold, it is interesting to mention it on the home page in order to motivate the visitor to place their order on the site.


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