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What essential information should I put on my online store?

Photo-blog-What essential information should I put on my online store?

Wednesday 15 march 2023

The most visited pages on a website can vary depending on the type of site, its purpose and its audience. However, some common pages tend to be popular on many websites:

a) Home page: The home page is often the first page that visitors see when they arrive at a website, and therefore it is usually one of the most visited pages. It usually provides an overview of the website's content and helps users navigate to other pages.

b) 'Shop' page for products or services: On an online commerce site, the 'shop' page and the 'products' and 'services' pages resulting from it must be easy to access, since it is where the visitor must go to make their purchases. It is essential to reduce the customer journey to individual product sheets as much as possible. In product sheets, it is important to have detailed product descriptions, including features, benefits and specifications.

c) 'About' page: This page is very popular and therefore cannot be underestimated. This is where the visitor goes to find out who is behind the brand, the universe, the values, information about the company or organization behind the website, including its history, mission and the members of his team. Many users like to know more about the people or values behind the website.

d) 'Contact' Page: This page typically provides contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses. It may also include a contact form allowing users to send messages directly to the site owners or customer support team.

e) Blog or news page: If the website has a blog or 'news' section, this page may be popular with users interested in the content of the website. These pages often contain articles or posts on various topics related to the website's theme or niche. Maintaining a blog is also essential to develop the notoriety of your website, thanks to SEO.

f) Search Page or FAQ: If the website has a search function, the search page may be very busy with users looking for specific information or products. Without a search engine, an FAQ page is also consulted for visitors looking for specific information

g) Pricing Information: Clear and transparent pricing information, including discounts, promotions or shipping costs. Indeed, on the one hand, the legislation requires online stores and physical stores to display prices clearly. On the other hand, it is obvious that the customer can be clearly informed since online customer contact is less direct than in physical stores.

h) Images and photographs: images play an essential role for online stores. It is important to call on a professional photographer to have beautiful photos in line with the visual identity and universe of the brand. High quality images of the products or services offered, including multiple angles and a zoom function, are used to illustrate the different pages of the website. For “product” sheets, it is also possible to use the supplier's images. But it is always essential to ensure the rights to the images, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

i) Delivery: Information relating to shipping costs and delivery times is also important to mention. This avoids recurring questions from customers, and it also allows you to have a precise place to redirect customers in the event of a delay in their order.

j) CGU-CGV: the page that no one reads, but which remains no less important. Indeed, the legislation requires online stores to establish General Conditions of Sale and Users, to protect the customer, but also the brand. Do not hesitate to work with a professional to establish these CGV-CGU, if necessary in several languages


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