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How to publish a product sheet that converts?

Photo-blog-How to publish a product sheet that converts?

Tuesday 7 november 2023

Compared to a physical store, the super power of your online store is certainly to remain open and available 24/7 and to expand the possibility of sales well beyond your geographic area.

On the other hand, don't forget that Internet users travel alone in the virtual shelves of your e-shop and that, to decide to buy, they must have a very precise idea of the products that you sell.

In your e-shop, it is impossible to see “in real life”, to try, to touch, to measure, to feel, to compare, to ask questions (to the seller or to other customers), etc.
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Your seller is therefore your product sheet!

In addition to being attractive, it must be precise, reassuring and ready to answer all the questions that your customer might ask before making the decision to buy. Even if returns are possible, it might as well not come to that. This will save you from unhappy customers, additional work, costs and unnecessary CO2 emissions!

But then, what are the ingredients of a good product sheet?


It goes without saying that your product descriptions must be precise, attractive and written in a tone and vocabulary that correspond to your target audience.

If it's relevant in your field, you can use storytelling techniques to write your descriptions. You will thus allow your potential customer to project themselves, to dream and perhaps... to buy to quickly become the happy owner of this magnificent product!
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SEO Tip: Before writing your descriptions, don't forget to:

The title (name) of your product

The first element of your product sheet is the title. It must be clearly visible, readable and allow both the customer and search engines to unequivocally identify your product.
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If you want to be complete, your title will include:

Product presentation (or short description)

Directly next to or below the main photo of your product, you will place a first presentation of your product. It must summarize the product in a few lines, highlighting sales arguments. It is relatively short but it should be sufficient to possibly move directly to the act of purchase for those in a hurry!

Long description

The description text should describe the product by accurately answering the most relevant questions the customer might have.

To write it, put yourself in your customer's shoes and imagine everything they would like to know about the product, everything that would be useful to their purchasing decision. Not only will you get a complete description but you will instill a feeling of trust.

Here is what we can find in the product description:

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The visuals


Choose your images carefully. They must allow you to understand exactly what you are offering.

Ideally you will offer:

SEO Tips: Don't forget to:

And the videos?

You can obviously add a product presentation video. However, we advise you to also keep images. In fact, the Internet user may not be able to view your video when he is on your site.

Commercial information

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The price

It is essential to indicate the price of your products as well as its currency (euros, dollars, etc.).

Moreover :

Other useful commercial information

It may be useful to provide other business information such as:

a business idea

Social proof

If this is the first time they are considering placing an order on your site or if they do not know precisely the product they are about to purchase, the Internet user will undoubtedly need to be reassured as to the seriousness of your site, the quality of your product, your after-sales service, etc.

To do this, we can highlight “social proof”.

Psychologically and/or socially, the buyer will be more motivated to buy a product if others before him have done so with success and satisfaction. He will naturally follow the trend of his peers.

The elements of social proof for your e-commerce can therefore be:

The call to action

After all the effort you have put into presenting your great product, it would be a shame to make it difficult for the motivated buyer. So make sure you can easily take action with the add to cart button. You can of course call it something else but make sure it is clear.

For those who are hesitant, you can also plan to keep the item in favorites or in a wishlist.

Offer a follow-up to Internet users

The product sheet will not be perfect if you let the visitor leave without offering them a follow-up.

For example, you can offer:

Some additional advice

Respect the following structure:
  1. Title
  2. Short description
  3. Long description / specifics
  4. Price (or promotion)
  5. Call for tender action

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In addition, a few more tips:

In conclusion

We admit, this is a lot of work and we hope we haven't scared you with this article. If you've gotten this far in your reading, that's already a good sign ;-)

The more you pay attention to the details, the more you will increase the chances

This is an exercise that will perhaps take a little longer at the start, but you will find your way of working, your tools (for example to lighten the images or find the right keywords), your method! This will then become easier and easier over time.

Do not be discouraged !


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