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Belgian E-shops as an SEO lever

Photo-blog-Belgian E-shops as an SEO lever

Thursday 9 november 2023

Among the benefits that the Belgian E-shops site can offer to its members, there is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lever.

Each website manager hopes to place themselves in a good position in search results in order to improve their visibility, increase their notoriety and their sales. But it's not easy and many specialists offer their service at a high price to help you.

SEO and our positioning in search results are obviously one of our primary concerns too.

This is why we devote a lot of time to a very active strategy which seems to be paying off more and more.

Indeed, you will see that in many cases the Belgian E-shops site is displayed in a better position than the member's site itself.
in front of flagrantdelice

The results present Belgian E-shops with a link to the member's site before the original site

Before the keeper knitwear site

The result presents the Belgian E-shops but the text below gives the name of the member and a well-worded description.

a description in mind

Not only are Belgian E-shops present twice on the first page, but Google gives our description at the top of the response

SEO twice

Here Belgian E-shops arrives twice for the same member, because Google found Tecniba in several lists (by category, by section)

SEO Same link twice

Belgian e-shops come first

before site left

Belgian e-shops arrive before the original site

SEO: Belgian e-shops in the lead

Belgian e-shops arrive in front of Fougere

Belgian e-shops in front of Fougere

Belgian E-shops precedes the original site (itself very elaborate) by a short head... and especially before the big bad wolf!

SEO: Belgian e-shops facing the big bad wolf

Belgian E-shops pulls two punches on the first page, a direct link for Messagère and a link with the Juice & soft section which refers to many other results on the Belgian E-shops site


Here, Caelina's site arrives in front of the Belgian E-shops, but the Belgian E-shops present a photo

with photo

Once again in front of who you know

in front of the big bad wolf

What is the lever?

Some sites do not appear in search results because the robots cannot find them, or evaluate them poorly due to non-compliance with instructions or the site being too small or the lack of a back link, etc.

On the other hand, Belgian E-shops is a large site well recognized by robots, we strive to respect all instructions, particularly for our members' e-shop pages.

As a result, for many members, Belgian E-shops allow them to still appear prominently in search results and thus have greater visibility. This is the SEO lever of Belgian E-shops.

Of course, the results are not always so good. The paths of G... are sometimes impenetrable!

But we are continually working on it to follow the recommendations published on the Internet.

When a member with us is satisfied with a concise description like 'Belgian gift shop' or 'Jewelry and fashion accessories', with a single photo entitled '658fe987.webp', and no keyword, we don't know not do much.

This is why we invite our members to develop their description over at least 200 words, preferably even 400 words, containing their keywords several times, these being if possible compound keywords (massage candle rather than candle). ; attach tutute rather than tutute; Canned fish in virgin olive oil; toothpaste for children).

Likewise, photos will be better noticed if they have meaningful names, starting with the name of your site (in fact we systematically add it when you add a photo) followed by an intelligible title that can be used as a keyword that we can add in the 'alt' attribute of the photo which is read by robots to understand the photo.

Note that the programs at the origin of this leverage effect are used for all our members, regardless of their contract.


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