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Chocoholic: who will melt first?

Photo-blog-Chocoholic: who will melt first?

Tuesday 26 march 2024

As the Easter holidays approach, discover local artisan chocolatiers! They captured the magic of chocolate, the nobility of its aromas. They share their passion and their know-how with us.

1. Belgium Chocolatiers

After roaming Belgium in search of enthusiasts ready to take on the challenge of melting your taste buds, 12 Belgian artisans were unearthed! Everyone lovingly chose 3 of their creations from their assortment, representing their know-how, their signature… their favorite. Whether to treat yourself or to give as a gift, our assortments of chocolates are there to take you on a journey through the kingdom of cocoa. Are you ready to embark on a unique chocolate journey?
Belgium Chocolatiers

2. The Chocolate Factory of the Haut Clocher

Since his early childhood, Vincent has been captivated by the magic of chocolate. It was therefore quite natural that he embarked on the chocolate adventure, perfecting his talents with the best workers in France and local artisans. After spending four and a half years in the workshop of La Chocolaterie du Haut Clocher, Vincent seized the opportunity to resume the business in January 2023. Don't delay in coming and discovering his world... Vincent makes a point of honor 100% artisanal manufacturing and has received the 'Certified Craftsmanship' label awarded by the Belgian State. You will be able to find delicious chocolate products such as pralines, 'mélocake', gourmet bars, spreads and even a chocolate liqueur as well as ephemeral pralines with unexpected flavors as well as thematic creations for Valentine's Day, Nicholas and Easter. You will only be able to find your happiness!
The Chocolate Factory of the Haut Clocher

3. Pierre Marcolini

Maison Pierre Marcolini, founded by the famous chocolatier of the same name in 1995 in Brussels, is a benchmark for Belgian chocolate excellence. By controlling each stage of cocoa processing, from bean to bar, the House guarantees unrivaled quality and purity. With a careful selection of beans from independent producers around the world, each praline and bar offers a unique taste experience. Beyond chocolate, the House also offers truffles and macaroons of exceptional quality, making each tasting a treat for the senses. With more than 40 stores around the world, Pierre Marcolini offers a wide choice of diverse flavors to offer exquisite gifts or treat yourself for all occasions.
Pierre Marcolini

4. Hidalgo Chocolate Factory

The name 'HIDALGO', referring to the Spanish nobles, was carefully chosen to restore the nobility of chocolate, which was once reserved for the Nobles and the Royal Courts thanks to the cocoa beans brought back to Spain by Hernando Cortès. Founded in 2016, the 'HIDALGO' brand aims to offer a selection of high-end chocolates. At 'HIDALGO', the guarantee of artisanal quality is without compromise: 0% coloring, 0% preservative, 100% handmade.
Hidalgo Chocolate Factory

5. Chocolate passion

Immerse yourself in the deliciously irresistible world of Passion Chocolat, where tradition and creativity merge harmoniously. We know how much you cherish your favorite flavors, which is why our pralines, made from the best roasted cocoa, are prepared by hand according to our traditional recipes, thus preserving the authenticity of our chocolate factory since its creation. But at Passion Chocolat, innovation is also there! We are constantly looking for new inspirations to surprise your taste buds. With our original counters offering more than 70 exquisite varieties, Passion Chocolat is the ideal place where gourmands, purists and the curious in search of new chocolate experiences meet.
Chocolate Passion

6. 't Karakske

The 't Karakske chocolate factory, founded in 2003 in Roeselare, is a reference thanks to its love for chocolate and its artisanal work. They make everything by hand, including their hazelnut paste, and are constantly looking for new recipes. Their little pralines are a specialty, and they also offer chocolate figurines and pastries to order. Always looking for improvement, they aim to offer unparalleled chocolate pleasure to their customers.

7. Chocolate Concept

Concept Chocolate in Brussels offers an authentic chocolate experience, celebrating the art of Belgian chocolate making in its workshop in Schaerbeek. Their passionate artisans use traditional methods to enhance each square of chocolate. With Cacao-Trace™, they support farmers while guaranteeing exceptional quality of their cocoa beans. As a Green Key winner, Concept Chocolate is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. In addition, as a holder of the Certified Artisanat Label, they showcase their artisanal know-how, making their chocolate factory an essential destination for chocolate lovers and those curious about it.
Concept Chocolate

8. Darcis Chocolate

Jean-Philippe Darcis, Ambassador of Belgian Chocolate and pioneer of the Macaron in Belgium, embodies subtlety, generosity and passion through his creations. Rooted in the Pays de Herve, it promotes local products and supports local producers. With experience among the biggest, he launched his own Tasting House in 1996, marking the beginning of international success. Always in search of authentic flavors, he travels the world to select the finest cocoa beans. Multi-medalist, he constantly innovates in his creations, combining tradition, creativity and commitment to Belgian chocolate.
Darcis Chocolat

9. Bernard schobbens chocolatier

Bernard Schobbens, a true artisan passionate about chocolate, whose love for his profession is reflected in his artisanal creations. For Bernard, freshness is essential, which is why he produces his chocolates at the start of the week to guarantee absolute freshness. Using fair trade cocoa, it supports producers while prioritizing the quality of the ingredients. Each tasting of its chocolates offers you natural and refined flavors, while respecting the work of the producers. Thanks to its exceptional know-how, you will be transported through delicate pralines, crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, thus offering a unique moment of pleasure. His creations are carefully selected to guarantee their unique character.
Bernard schobbens chocolatier

10. Deremiens Chocolates

From a passion was born a vocation for François Deremiens in 2005. Placing the product at the heart of his concerns, he stands out by creating unique flavors, highlighting local products from Gaume and Ardenne in his artisanal creations. All are made from the chocolate that he makes himself in his Manufacture, using exceptional beans carefully selected from the four corners of the world. So why wait any longer to have them delivered to your home?
Deremiens Chocolates

Happy Holidays !


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